Inspired 2 Become was found by two brothers:

Chris van der Merwe                 &                   Fanie van der Merwe      

They were raised in a small town called Virginia in the Free State. Chris matriculated in 2002 and Fanie in 2004 at Hentie Cilliërs High School. They both excelled in sport and become great athletes.


Chris van der Merwe:

– Received a BCom Communication Management Degree at University of Pretoria in 2005

– Did a Copywriting post-grad diploma at AAA School of Advertising in 2006

– Qualified as an international professional rollerblader in 2008 at the Amateur World Champs in USA

– Competed at the Asian X-Games in 2008-2010 and placed top 10 twice

– Competed in the Korean World Leisure Games in 2010 and placed 10th


Fanie van der Merwe:

-Received a BA Sport Science Degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 2009

-Two time gold medallist at Paralympic Games in 2008 and World Record holder in 100m and 200m

-Has a level 2 ASA sprinting coach qualification


Both brothers not only felt the need for development in the sport discipline they find themselves in but also in the lives of those who are in contact with these industries. Inspired 2 Become or I2B are therefore a specialised non-profit organization focusing on 2 groups of young people:

1)      Alternative action sports i.e. rollerblading, skateboarding and bmxing;

2)      Athletics for people with disabilities.

These are two niche groups and I2B felt that so many organizations overlook these groups of young people and thus the reason to be specialized. Fanie, being a professional track athlete, felt the desire to develop youth through the use of athletics for people with disabilities. Chris, being a professional rollerblader, felt the desire to develop young people through the use of alternative action sports.

 Chris and Fanie believes strongly to run the organisation as a Christian faith based NPO.


To inspire young people to reach their full potential




To focus on 2 specific groups of young people who gets over-looked many times and to inspire them, through positive role modelling, relationship building, coaching, mentoring life skills and creating opportunities.


1 Response to “About”

  1. 1 Dewald Reynders
    January 20, 2011 at 9:32 am

    Dear reader

    We sometimes find ourselves in a place where one gets to read ( like the above ) and you just become quiet for a moment. Quiet because, you don’t only know the two individuals mentioned, but you also know what they are about. Yes, I do know both Fanie and Chris….Fanie as a very dear, close friend I have met a few years ago as I competed with him for South Africa at the previous All Africa Games in 2007, Chris I got to know through visiting Fanie in Stellenbosch.

    Why do I even mention it ? The reason is you are fortunate in life to meet dear, sincere, passionate in what they believe, honest, good faithfull individuals like both of them and also what they truely believe in. And believe me, they do mean what they mean by going into this relationship / business.

    I am older, not allways the “wiser”, but I can testify that many a time have I seen how certain people, sports ( like my own sport – sport for disabled ), and individuals just gets left out, ignored, not properly promoted, …. I salute these two sincere briothers for believing in what they believe, doing waht their hearts desire felt and going for it.

    LETS ALL SUPPORT THEM IN THEIR ENDEAVOUR AND SUPPORT THEIR CAUSE !! LET ALL BE INSPIRED TO BECOME (I2B) and help promoting, supporting youth development, mentoring youth of different backgroungds etc. through sports.

    This blessed me while reading it.

    Support them, worth the while.

    God bless.
    Dewald Reynders

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