We are building a team of volunteers and sponsors. We would love for anyone to become part of the Inspired2Become team. If there is anyway in which you want to join our team please contact us. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Our needs for 2011:
-People to help with coaching and events
-People who wants to be mentors to young people.
-The budget for Inspired2Become to operate in 2011 is a minimum of R150 000/$20 000. We still need lots of support and every bit helps 🙂
If you want to become part of our support team please see our bank details below (we are currently still running our finances through Son Skate until our registration process is complete).
Son Skate
ABSA Tableview
Ref: Inspired2Become

You can also just click on the donate button below to sponsor through PayPal.

To make our planning easier for the new year, I kindly ask that you email us and just stating what your sponsorship commitments are towards Inspired2Become for 2011. We will then keep you updated through our monthly feedback letter!

Thanks for your support and joining the TEAM!!

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